CV screening

CV and application screening can be very time consuming, however it is a crucial part of the recruitment process. Ensuring that this initial stage is completed to a high standard will guarantee that only the best candidates get through to the final stages of the process, where more time is invested.
Whether we are just doing the CV and application screening for you or whether we are doing it as part of your entire outsourced campaign, you will have an account manager dedicated to you. We will invest time in getting to know your organization as well as your specific requirements, making recommendations at every opportunity to ensure that the process is as effective as possible.

  • Each application is manually screened against agreed criteria using a rigorous, transparent process.
  • Test us! We can provide our clients with an initial sample to show which applications we would choose to pass, put on hold or reject, for quality control purposes, giving you confidence in our decisions.
  • Feedback to candidates can always be provided to ensure the experience is always positive.

Skills Assessments

As part of our screening and selection service to our candidates and clients from Executive to Administration positions, Complete Recruitment uses world leading assessment tools to conduct all technical and psychometric testing.
As supplied by Talent Technologies and supported by an experienced team of occupational psychologists and HR specialists. Complete Recruitment is trained and authorized to administer all Pre Visor testing provided by Talent Technologies.

The success of this is vital to the overall success of your campaign and is the first formal way of probing a candidate’s application further. Our team of professional, highly qualified interviewers work on your behalf and will be dedicated to your campaign. The dedicated team will work as an extension of your business, immersing themselves in your culture and language always ensuring that your brand and reputation are very well maintained.
We can design a new interview template for you or we can use your existing process; either way we will always make recommendations based on our expertise in the graduate market.
At Speedwings we are constantly evolving our processes to ensure we are providing the most up to date and effective solutions for our clients. There are a number of innovative ways that we can carry out interviews using latest technology and interactive media. We would be happy to discuss this with you further.