Education in Finland


Capital: Helsinki

Largest City: Helsinki

Area: 338,145 sq km

Official Languages: Finnish (94.5%), Swedish (5.5%)

Government: Parliamentary Democracy

President – Tarja Halonen

Prime Minister - Matti Vanhenen

Population: 5, 274, 820 (2006 est.)

Currency: Euro

Calling Code: +358


Finland is a country of thousand lakes and islands. One of the most sparsely populated countries in the world, Finland is located in Northern Europe and shares its land borders with Sweden in the west, with Russia in the east and Norway in the north. Estonia lies to its South. The Aland Islands, located off the southwestern coast of Finland, are an autonomous region of the country.

The country has a population of approximately five million. The country has performed remarkably well in almost all the international rankings. The 2005 United Nations Human Development Index ranked Finland thirteenth globally.

The Finnish parliament is celebrating its centenary in 2006-2007. On 23rd May 2007, the unicameral parliament of Finland will observe its 100th anniversary. Nearly one fourth of the Finnish territory is on the Arctic Circle because of which the midnight sun can be seen here.


Climate in the countries varies from region to region. While southern Finland witnesses a temperate climate the climate in the northern parts of the country is characterized by cold, sometimes severe, winters and comparatively warm summers. The climate of the country is also influenced by the Gulf Stream to a great extent.


The country offers excellent opportunities in higher education in every field of study. The Finnish government has put a greater emphasis on education and therefore education has been its highest priority. Finland, at present, has 21 university level institutions and 30 polytechnics. In fact, degree and exchange students together constitute nearly 5 percent of the total student enrolment in these institutions of higher education. The national policy of internationalization has also facilitated the advancement of educational system in the country, which in turn has ensured that students from all corners of the world come to the country to pursue quality higher education. Moreover, Finnish universities and polytechnics have also laid emphasis on imparting education in English. This has been one of the major reasons why international students have increasingly preferred the country for higher studies.


The universities present in the country generally have two semesters. These semesters have been divided into a. the autumn semester and, b. the spring semester. While the autumn semester generally runs from September till mid-December the spring semester stretches from mid-January to mid-May.

Students in order to get admission into Finnish Universities have to qualify the matriculation examination at the end of the general upper secondary school. Universities of the country amend their admission requirements according to the target number for degrees. All fields of study have a restricted entry.

It is advisable to international students to contact the authorities at the institution where they are seeking admission. The international advisory services at the universities give detailed information on selection and application procedures to international students.


Name & Address

1.Helia University of Business and Applied Sciences Ratapihantie 13 FI-00520 Helsinki, Finland

2.Helsinki School of Economics P.O. Box 1210, 00101 Helsinki,Finland

3.Academy of Fine Arts Kasarmikatu 36, 00130 Helsinki,Finland

4.Abo Akademi University Domkyrkotorget 3, Fi-20500 Turku,]Finland

5.Helsinki University of Technology Otakaari 1, 02150 Espoo, Finland

6.Lahti University of Applied Sciences Kirkkokatu 27 15140 Lahti, Finland

7.Lappeenranta University of Technology Skinnarilankatu 34 Fin-53850 
Lappeenranta Finland

8.Oulu University of Applied Sciences Kotkantie 1, Fin-90250 Oulu, Finland

9.Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences Jokivayla 11 C, FI-96300 Rovaniemi, Finland

10.Satakunta University of Applied Sciences Tiedepuisto3, FI-28600 Pori, Finland

11.Tampere University of Technology Korkeakoulunkatu 10, FI-33720 Tampere, Finland

12.Hanken PB 479 (arkadiankatu 22) 00101 Helsinki, Finland

13.Sibelius Academy P.O.Box 86 Fin-00251 Helsinki, Finland

14.Turku School of Economics Rehtorinpellonkatu3, FI-20500 Turku, Finland

15.University of Joensuu P.O. Box 111, FI-80101 Joensuu Finland

16.University of Jyvaskyla P.O. Box 35, FI-40014, Finland

17.University of Art and Design Helsinki Hameentie 135 C Fin-00560 Helsinki Finland

18.University of Tampere Kalevantie 4, 33014 University of Tampere, Finland

19.University of Oulu Pentti Kaiteran Katu 1, Pl 8000, 90014 Oulun Yliopisto, Finland

20.The University of Lapland Yliopistonkatu 8, 96300 Rovaniemi,Finland

21.University of Kuopio Savilahdentie 9 (Main Building Snellmania) Finland

22.University of Turku FI-20014 Turun Yliopisto, Finland

23.University of Vaasa Wolffintie 34 FI-65101 Vaasa, Finland