Study in France

Study & Work in France:

  • High Quality Education
  • Sixth Largest Economy
  • Low fees / Part time jobs
  • Guaranteed Internships!!
  • Easy Work Permits
  • Accommodation Subsidy
  • Up to 30 % to 50% by French Government.
  • You get European Visa!
  • You can roam across 28 countries easily!
  • Apply to the Scholarships!Number scholarships given by the French Government!
 What we recommend :-
Masters in Computer ScienceInformation Technology, Telecommunications, Electronics, Management Information Systems, MBA & Masters in various Management Courses. It is also good for students from Arts, History, Hotel / Hospitality etc.

Who are the recruiters :-
Top Fortune 500 companies that IBM, Sun, Cisco, Intel, Microsoft, Google & a number a Telecom Companies, France being the hub of the telecommunication industry. There are around 1100 companies having their headquarters in Paris & all over France. Please check the Wiki link for Sophia Antipolis, one of the biggest technology parks in the world.

Internships :-
Internships are included within the curriculum in France unlike USA, where you have to find the OPT (Optional Practical Training / Internship) after your degree is over. All of our previous Grad-Dreams students are placed by now, the record is 100 %!! You get paid during the internship period, where you take back at least 30 % to 50 % of what you put in from your pocket.

NO GRE / GMAT / TOEFL / IELTS needed. But you will have to go through the telephonic interview organized by the university / institution.

Visa :-
From 6th of July, there will no Visa Interview!!! Also you can show a bank loan or a distant relative as a sponsor.
2) ESLSCA- Business School
These Schools having both bachelors & Masters Programs. No GRE/TOEFL/IELTS!!!!
Student can go for the visa document submission in November 1st week ASAP, for Jan-Feb batch.

The information below is applicable for IFAM AND ESLSCA Schools:
  1. NO GRE, SAT, GMAT, IELTS Required.
  2. Personal Interview is MUST.
  3. No need to Show funds for admission & offer letter.
  4. Application fees are waived off!!
  5. One of the TOP Schools in France, please check the presentation
  6. Masters fees is 8500 Euros.
  7. Bachelors fees is 6500 Euros/Year.
  8. French Government would give 30 to 40% of the room / boarding cost as refund.
  9. No VISA Interviews!!!!!!! Only paper submission.
If you are interested, then please reply to this mail. We shall be happy to process your application for the coming batch.