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About Australia Skill select immigration regime applicable from July 1st, 2012
Australia Skill select is a major tool that has made elementary changes in the functioning of skilled immigration regime. We can justifiably term implementation of this new platform as overhaul of complete skilled migration system. Implemented on July 01 2012, it strives to completely change the way the Australian authorities look for immigrants. This new and ambitious immigration initiative is Aussie Labor pool demand centric and would help the authorities effectively address structural deficiencies (based on Skilled Occupation List) in country’s labor market to a great extent. Immigration authorities would now also be to control the influx of the professionals and trained workers, through skilled immigration route, as per the needs and demands of states, government agencies, domestic industries and sectors. It would also help the states and regions to locate qualified people with suitable profiles for nominations and settlement in regional parts of the country.
How Australia Skill Select immigration regime works
Skill select is a platform for skilled immigrants that will function similarly to a pre-stored database of the talent and skills. An Expression of Interest (EOI) document will play pivotal role in the functioning of this system. This document will be created free of charge by the aspiring immigrants for skilled migration based on the nominated skills in skilled occupation list (SOL) or business investment in form of a profile that will be stored on the skill select platform for a period of 2 years.
There will be certain preliminaries that will have to be completed before a candidate creates a profile in the EOI pool:

  • Getting his skills assessed from the designated evaluation agency.
  • Proving English linguistic skills through appropriate language test as IELTS. 
The profile created will be stored on this system for a period of 2 years or till the applicant receives and invitation to file application for visa. The application will lapse if the applicant is not chosen within 2 years of the filing of the EOI application.

The immigration agencies, employers and the regional governments will be able access the database of the applicants opting for employer sponsored visa and state nomination. Those selected can file for immigration application.

The independent skilled migration will rely on the point based evaluation of a profile and qualified profiles securing minimum cutoff mark will be ranked according to the marks secured by a particular profile.

Quite obviously, highest ranked profiles – filed in the EOI pool - will get more attention and priority in the invitation process. After each round of the invitation process a new minimum cut-off mark will be hence announced for the convenience of the applicants and new invitations sent accordingly. One of the major advantages expected of this system is substantially reducing the processing times of an application, which will help the Department of Immigration and citizenship to weed out deadwood and focus on practical and workable profiles.
Skilled Independent (Sub-Class 189) Visa

Skilled Independent (Sub-Class 189) Visa is meant for the professionals and tradespersons willing to apply under independent stream of skilled immigration to Australia. This visa is available only though invite. The process for this visa section starts with submission of expression of interest – EOI in skill select platform. This EOI application is filled with information that includes but is not limited to positive skills assessment and required IELTS score. The EOI submission relies on the exploring of the relevant occupation indicated in Skilled Occupation List – SOL.

To be eligible for applying under this subclass of visa you must be
  • Working in occupation indicated in SOL 
  • Score a minimum of 60 points in the point based assessment 
  • Been invited to file for visa 
  • Less than 50 years 
  • Having accredited and evaluated credentials from the designated evaluation authority 
  • Having certified English proficiency (IELTS) 
  • Meeting minimum health standards as per Australian definitions 
  • Having a clean background 
Salient features of this visa classification include
  • No requirement of arranged employment under the ENS or nomination by an province of Australia 
  • You will be able to live and work anywhere in Australia and permanently 
  • Facilitation for inclusion of certain family members in visa application 
  • You will have an unrestricted freedom to study in country 
  • It will be possible for you to avail some categories social security grants (waiting periods applicable) 
  • You will be able to register for Medicare facilities 
  • Eligibility for citizenship after fulfilling the permanent residence conditions 

It is essential that you get your credentials evaluated before creation of EOI as in case of advice to filing for you would only have 60 days at your disposal. If interested, please email us the following details for a free of charge assessment:
  • Your resume updated 
  • Spouse’s resume if applicable 
  • Details of children (number and age), if applicable 

Skilled – Nominated (Sub-class 190) visa

Skilled – Nominated (sub-class 190) visa is for the aspirants sponsored by a state/province of Australia. The first step to avail such a visa is to create a profile on skill select platform through expression of interest – EOI. The EOI will be created in accordance with the availability of the trade in skilled occupation list – SOL. This category relies on nomination by an Australian state for a particular trade. You can file EOI application with valid and positive skills assessment and required IELTS score.

There are certain prerequisites that you must meet before filing for visa under this classification. You must
  • Be sponsored by a state for an occupation in SOL
  • Have a certified minimum level of English linguistic skills (IELTS) 
  • Be working in an occupation indicated in SOL 
  • Have skills evaluated from a designated evaluation agency in premise of your profession 
  • Be under 50 years 
  • Attain a minimum score of 60 points in point based assessment 
  • Satisfy minimum health requirements as per Australian standards 
  • Have a clean background
Moreover it will be obligatory for you to
  • Live and work in state sponsoring your visa for a minimum term of 24 months 
  • Furnish you updated address and residence details to state authorities 
  • Participate in surveys and furnish required inputs from time to time Salient features of this classification include 
  • EOI is must for this visa 
  • You will 
    • Be able to live and work permanently in Australia 
    • Have an unrestricted access to educational facilities 
    • Have permission to register for Medicare facilities and some social securities grants (waiting period applicable) 
    • Be able to nominate certain family members in application for visa o Be able sponsor relatives for permanent residence 
    • Apply for citizenship after fulfilling the requisites or permanent residence as permanent resident and be a citizen at a later stage.   
If interested, please mail the following for a free of charge assessment:
  • Your resume updated 
  • Spouse’s resume if applicable 
  • Details of children (number and age), if applicable 
Skilled – Nominated or sponsored (Provisional) (Sub-class 489) visa

Nominated or Sponsored (provisional) (Sub-Class 489) Visa is a temporary entry permission that is available on endorsement of your candidature either by a provincial/state authority or by a qualified relative defined and deemed as eligible for sponsorship. Proceedings for this visa are initiated by creation of a profile by way of expression Of Interest – EOI on skill select platform. EOI can be created for an occupation indicated in skilled occupation list – SOL. EOI must also indicate you preference of state you wish to be nominated by or details of relative you wish to be sponsored by. In case you do not choose any specific state your details will be available for access to all provincial authorities.

Salient features of this visa subsection include
  • You will be 
    • Able to live in Australia temporarily 
    • Study is indicated area in the country travel in and out of the country within the validity period of visa 
    • Include some family members in application for visa 
    • Able to file for permanent residence of Australia via Skilled Regional (Residence) visa (subclass 887)    after fulfilling required parameters 
  •  Validity of the visa is for 4 years 
  • Non-compliance of visa guidelines may result in 
    • Cancellation of visa 
    • May make your candidature ineligible for further issuance of similar visa or permanent residence 
There are certain prerequisites that you must satisfy before filing for visa under this section. You must
  • Under 50 years 
  • Have minimum certified English linguistic skills (through IELTS or at par exam) 
  • Be sponsored by a state or a territory or a qualified relative residing in specified region of Australia 
  • Have submitted an EOI to be sponsored by relevant authority or relative 
  • Be working in SOL listed occupation 
  • Have your credentials evaluated from designated evaluation authority in premise of your trade 
  • Be able to score a minimum of 60 points in points based assessment 
Moreover it will be obligatory for you to
  • Reside and work in the region sponsoring your visa or specified area for a minimum of 2 years 
  • Keep authorities updated of any changes in your residential details 
  • Participate in surveys and furnish required information from time to time 
If interested, please mail the following for a free of charge assessment:
  • Your resume updated 
  • Spouse’s resume if applicable 
  • Details of children (number and age), if applicable 
Employer nomination scheme (Sub-class 186)

Employer Nomination Scheme (Sub-class 186) visa is for overseas workers and for migrant workers already residing in Australia on temporary visa. This is part of permanent employer nomination scheme
Salient features of this visa classification include
  • There are 3 alternative options under this subclass 
    • If you are in Australia on visa subclass 457 and employed for last 2 years and employer wants to employ you permanently this visa acts Temporary transitional pathway 
    • If you have little or no work experience in Australia, this acts as Direct entry pathway
    • If you have been nominated by an Australian based employer under labor or regional migration agreement, this subsection acts as agreement pathway 
  • This section offers relaxations and relief in terms of age, skill and English proficiency on basis of nominated trade, remuneration, and employment profile 
  • In case there is an absence of employer sponsorship you can file an Expression Of Interest on skill select platform to be identified by prospective employers, provincial authorities for nomination 
  • With this visa you will be able ​​
    • Reside and seek employment on permanent basis in Australia 
    • Include family members in visa application o Unrestricted access to education
    • Register in Medicare and avail social security grants
    • File for Australian citizenship after fulfilling permanent residence stipulations o Sponsor other people for permanent residency
    • Travel in and out of country for 5 years
There are certain prerequisites that you must meet to be eligible for this subclass of visa
You must
  • Be sponsored by a qualified Australian employer 
  • Are under 50 years 
  • Satisfy stipulations regarding qualifications, skill and language. 
Business innovation and investment (Provisional) (Sub-class 188) visa

Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) (Sub-class188) visa is part of Australian Business innovation and investment program aimed at boosting the business scenario in various parts of the country thereby generating economic benefits for the domestic economy. This visa is available on invitation only. The proceedings for this visa are initiated by creating a profile through Expression of Interest –EOI on Skill Select platform under business innovator or Investor categories. You can indicate the states you want to choose or leave the option open to be picked up by any province as per their requirements

This visa is available under 2 categories
  • Business Innovation is for the migrants willing to establish and manage their business actively by way of establishing a new concern or investing into an ongoing enterprise. 
  • Investor category is meant to facilitate migrants aspiring to put their funds into qualified and specified investment venues in an Australian region and wish to sustain investment after completion of original investment goals. 
  • You would be able to o Include your family in the visa application
    • Travel in and out of Aussie shores for 5 years 
    • File for permanent residence under subsection 888 
There are certain necessary prerequisites, which you must fulfill before being invited to file for visa.
  • Create an EOI 
  • Be sponsored by a province 
  • You need a certain level of experience defined as satisfying for both the categories
    • In business category you must have a strong track record duly evidenced 
    • In investor category you need to evidence you direct involvement in investment management in qualified venues in at least of one of previous 5 fiscal terms before being invited for filing for visa 
  • You must be 
    • Be under 55 years 
    • Have a successful business and/or investment track record
    • Able to score a minimum of 65 marks in point based assessment
    • Have a minimum required personal and business net worth (that can be your and your partner’s) 
  • In business innovation category your total financial credentials must include Gross asset value of AUD 800000, which can be remitted to Australia within 2 years of grants of visa. You must also have registered a turnover of AUD 500000 in preceding 2 years (of previous 4 fiscal terms) of applying for this visa 
  • In investor category your financial credentials include a gross asset value of AUD 2.5million. You must also make investment into qualified investment venue before grant of visa  
    • Able to evidence to your intention of continuing venture in your category after completion of initial goals 
Moreover it will be obligatory for you to
  • Actively participate in venture or investment initiated by you 
  • Apply for an extension of visa for 2 years in case your specifications are yet not fulfilled. 
  • Update authorities of change in your personal details such as 
    • Change of address
    • Addition to family for e.g. new arrivals
Business innovation and investment (Residence) (Sub-class 888) visa

Business Innovation and investment (Residence) (subclass – 888) Visa is a second stage visa of business innovation and investment program.
Salient features:
  • This visa is granted on fulfilling preconditions of temporary visa under subclass 188 
  • There are 2 categories in this visa 
    • Business owners for those who own and run their visa in Australia 
    • Investors who have sustained investment in the qualified venues and specified region of Australia and have strong intent to maintain their investment in the country after the maturity of original program goals 
  • You can 
    • Own and run business or investment permanently in the country
    • Live and work permanently 
    • Include family members   
Pre-requisites require for subclass 888
  • Must be holder of temporary business innovation and investment visa 
  • Have been sponsored by Aussie province or region 
  • Have fulfilled all pre conditions of original temporary arrangement 
  • Have fulfilled category specific requirements like  Business innovation 
    • Created at-least 2 full time jobs for Aussie citizens or Permanent residents or NZ passport holders 
    • Played an active role in management of main business (or 2 main stay) established for a minimum of 2 years preceding to application 
    • Have complied with all statutory and regulatory requirements for each of establishments 
    • In a year preceding to application achieved 
  • A turnover of a minimum of AUD 300000 
  • A net business asset value of AUD 200000 of main (or 2 mainstay) business and a net business and asset value of AUD 600000 
  • Owned share of the establishments in specified ratio pattern  Investor. 
    • Maintained qualified investment for a minimum of 4 years 
    • Complied with all statutory and regulatory requirements in relation to your investment 
    • Intend to continue with investment 
Australia Sub-class 457 visa
Australia Subclass 457 visa is temporary entry permission for the migrants who have been sponsored by an Australian employer to work in a trade endorsed by authorities. An employer can nominate an overseas worker for trades where they are unable to source requisite expertise from local market.
Salient features:
  • This visa is a 3 stage process which includes 
    • Employer applying to be a sponsoring party though   
      • Standard business sponsorship 
      • Labor agreement. 
      • The validity of the approval is for a period of 3 years 
    • The qualified employer can go on to nominate a skilled labor for the position that cannot be domestically recruited. The nomination is valid for one year 
    • Hired and nominated worker files for visa with a validity of 4 years
  • The remuneration paid is at par with the prevalent market rate for the similar position along with all other perks and grants 
  • With this visa you can 
    • Enter live and work in Australia for a period of 4 years 
    • Include your family in the visa application
    • Unrestricted permission to travel in and out of country
Prerequisites for applying for subclass 457 visa 
  •  You must 
    • Be nominated by an employer to be employed on a listed skilled trade 
    • Have necessary qualifications, training, experience and track record to suffice for the position 
    • Have minimum requisite English ability
    • Be qualified for any endorsements or registrations needed for listed trade
    • Have required health cover 
Business Talent (Migrant) (Sub-class 132) visa
Business Talent (Migrant) (Sub-class 132) visa is available by invitation only. The proceedings to obtain this visa are initiated by creating a profile through an Expression of interest – EOI on Skill select platform. While filing an EOI choice of sponsoring state can be indicated.
Salient features:
  • This visa is available under 2 categories 
    • Significant business history class for the affluent business owner with substantial financial credential and with an intent to establish and run their newly established corporate or take over an existing concern 
    • Venture capital entrepreneur for migrants who have been able to source funds in tune of minimum of AUD 1 million from an Aussie venture capital organization 
  • This visa permits you to 
    • Reside and work permanently in Australia o Travel in out of borders for 5 years 
    • Include family in the application for visa 
    • Set-up a new or acquire an ongoing business in Australia 
General Requisites
  • You must be 
    • Under 55 years 
    • Be nominated by a provincial authority 
Specific requisites
  • Significant business history 
    • Minimum net assets of AUD 400000 in a qualifying business with a annual turnover of AUD 3 million (in one or main businesses) in at-least 2 years of previous 4 years preceding to filing for visa 
    • Have a personal net worth in tune of AUD 1.5million which are Transfer ready funds within 2 years of grant of visa 
    • A proven business track record and performance 
  • Venture capital 
    • You must secure funds in tune of AUD 1.5 million from an Australian risk capital funding organization to convert, set-up and improvise on an exceptional business innovation into commercially viable and successful product