Work in Canada

Canada is a country full of opportunities for skilled workers. The nation is prosperous and the economy is majorly rules by the service sector. About three fourths of the entire working force comprise of office goers. This huge number of skilled work force has proved to be insufficient for the Canadian Government and thereby the officials have initiated the process of inviting skilled labor from outside of the nation to compensate for the lack of skilled labor in the country. This provision has been up for grabs ever since the provision has come into being. To prove your mettle, all you need is the competency to work in an international market and meet the required standards of the employer. This provision has been carefully drafted for international students to acquaint them with the international working conditions and also enhance their career by leaps and bounds through international exposure. The Canadian Government gives freedom to the local employers to hire or employ foreign nationals with the required skills to work in their organization. Canadian working visa is generally a temporary permit that is granted to foreign nationals permitting them to serve in the country for a specified period of time. Under a temporary work permit, we can discuss various categories namely:

  • Temporary Foreign Worker Program
    Under this program the Canadian Government grants permission for employers to hire foreign nationals with the required skills to fill the shortage of skills and labor in the region. The government at the same time has laid out certain guidelines to determine the selected entry of labor and thereby curb any overflow of people in the country. As per the laws, to legally invite a foreign national to work in Canada, an employer has to fulfill the conditions laid down by the government. The basic requirement involves an employer to produce an LMO (Labor Market Opinion) to be able to hire a foreign national and authenticate the requirement of his human resource and skills. Under the temporary worker program an individual can:
    1. Enter Canada
    2. Stay in the country
    3. Work in the country
    4. Permits the applicants spouse or common law partner and dependent children to accompany him to the country.
    5. Legalizes the spouse to work in the country and also makes the spouse eligible for an open work permit
    But at the same time it also restricts an individual in some parameters like: The work permit does not permit an individual to reside in the country permanently.
  • Live in Caregiver:
     This is another category that the Canadian government has carefully devised a temporary work permit for live in caregivers to ensure convenience for their citizens and at the same time produce employment opportunities for aspiring foreign nationals. Before inviting an individual to live in the country, an individual has to ensure that there is no other Canadian national available for the position and determine whether the live in caregiver, live full time in the residence of the employer. The other factors to be kept in mind while hiring a foreign national are:
    1. The employer has a stable financial standing to afford and pay the employee
    2. Grants them an acceptable living space in the house
    3. Clearly define the duties for a child, an elderly person and a differently able person
    4. Also file for the LMO
    5. The individual should be qualified and trained as per the rules and regulations stated by the Government
    6. The employer should not exploit the caregiver over and above the job duties granted to him and also pay him sick leaves and other basic amenities
  • International Students:
    The Canadian Government grants a special provision wherein foreign students acquiring their education in Canada can work temporarily for a limited number of hours while pursuing their course and obtain both exposure and economic stability. On the other hand the government also grants permission to international students pursuing their post graduation courses in Canada, to work in the country under the PGWPP (Post Graduate Work Permit Program). This program is highly beneficial for the international postgraduates as it gives them the access for a permanent residency after fulfilling certain requirements. There is another category that caters to the working conditions of international students called the CEC (Canadian Experience Class). As a foreign student, one can easily shift his visa category from temporary to permanent. This is granted to scholars as they are qualified and competent enough to contribute towards the economy of the country. Under this category an i\individual is granted permission to stay in the country permanently.
  • Interns:
    The Canadian Government gives excellent opportunities to newcomers by the provision of Federal Internship for New comers (FIN). Under this program, the government permits government departments and agencies and private sectors to hire newcomers to compensate the shortage of skilled labor in their own country. This program is a golden opportunity for recent graduates who seek international exposure and experience. This international opportunity is a great kick start to an individual’s career. The only requirement by the Government under this program is to have the qualifications and should be fluent with the local or the preferred language. Before taking these newcomers as employees in the country, the applicants are thoroughly interviewed by the CIC, and also often provided with training for the same.
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