Work in Denmark

Working in Denmark has taken a new turn altogether. The Danish government has changed the employment market altogether by largely inviting people from across the world to work and live in Denmark. The nation has some of the best working conditions in the world with endless opportunities available in the Hospitality sector, medicine sector and the management sector. With a rather high human development index, Denmark is one of the best nations for working purposes. The growth and development that an individual can expect from the employers in Denmark are encouraging and rather supportive. The Danish Government has made special provisions to allow highly skilled professionals from across the world to live and work in Denmark. These provisions allow individuals to live and work in Denmark. The categories can be discussed as:

The Pay Limit Scheme
On being offered a highly paid employment by an employer in Denmark, a highly skilled professional can have an easy access to the Danish labor market. If an individual is directly offered to a skilled professional then there are no eligibility criteria on the basis of education and occupation of the individual to qualify to seek a visa to work in Denmark. Similar conditions also apply to the people applying for the asylum visa. If an individual holds a Danish residence on the basis of family reunification or asylum then the individual does not require holding a visa to work in Denmark. The conditions under which an individual is granted a pay limit scheme in Denmark are:
  • An individual needs to show proof of an annual income of nothing less than DKK 375000.
  • The individual must hold a written job contract or an offer letter specifying the salary and employment conditions which must correspond to the terms and conditions laid down by the Danish authorities.
  • It is also important for the individual to have a certification or registration by an assessing authority to validate and permit the skilled professional to practice his trade in the country.
The duration of this visa scheme starts a month prior to the date of joining of employment. If an individual is granted an unlimited job contract, then the duration of the visa is usually for a period of four years. If the employment is on a temporary job contract, then the visa will be granted for a period of employment with an additional six months. Under this scheme, the main applicant can be accompanied by other family members.

The Corporate Scheme:
The corporate scheme has been devised by the Danish Government to make it easier for organizations in the country to transfer employees from their foreign divisions to Denmark either to work on certain projects or on educational and training purposes. Under this provision the individual can frequent between Denmark and the country of residence. This provision is nullified is the individual spends more than six months outside Denmark. This visa is granted to applicants after having fulfilled certain criteria:
  • a.) The organization inviting the applicant must be able to document in written that the organization has a subsidiary or a sister company in another country other than Denmark.
  • The organization has at least more than 10 employees in total
  • The remuneration and the employment conditions
  • The inviting company should be registered with SKAT
  • The organization in no form should be involved in any labor dispute
The corporate residence scheme is valid for a period of at least three years and is valid for an extension. Under this provision too an individual is granted either an unlimited job contract or a temporary job contract. If at any point of time if the individual obtains a new job, then the applicant should apply for a work and residence permit afresh. Under the corporate scheme, an individual is permitted to be accompanied by certain family members.

A researcher usually gets an entry in the Danish labor market. Under this provision the government requires the researcher to produce a document stating the purpose and extent of the research. It is entirely dependent on the Danish government for the visa being granted to the researcher. The application for the approval must carry, the reason for the research. The applicant additionally should also hold an employment letter specifying the salary and the employment conditions corresponding to the Danish standards. Researchers, scientists, and lecturers are not required to hold a work and residence permit if the intended stay does not exceed a period of three consecutive months. Guest researchers are with a Masters degree can be granted a residence and the work permit as a part of research and career development. The government also requires the applicant to support himself in the country for the research. The applicant is required to show, a monthly salary of DKK 7000.

A person employed as a trainee can be granted a residence and work visa Denmark for the purpose of working in Denmark for educational purposes. The terms and conditions for trainees and researchers are almost the same with a few disparities. The additional conditions are:
  • The trainee position held by the applicant should be with a Danish company
  • The applicant should be able to document the reason for filling the trainee position
  • The trainee is required to attend and be a part of an educational program with the company in Denmark
  • The training period can in no way extend for over a period of 24 months
An athlete should be able to produce a letter specifying his position with the Sports organization. Additionally the athlete is also required to produce an offer letter outlining the work conditions and terms of employment in Denmark. The position applied for should be sports related and the position should be full time (37 hours a week). The sports person should work at least 20 hours out of the total number of hours with a single employer. This residence allowance is granted for a year at a time, but does not extend for more than the duration of employment. An athlete is permitted by the government to be employed in another occupation rather than sports related alone. Athletes, sport persons, and coaches are best fit in this category.
Self Employment:
Denmark permits individuals to work as independent entities and run independent organizations in the country. While applying for this work visa Denmark category an individual should be able to meet the following conditions:
  • The investments being made should be of interest of the Danish Market
  • Sufficient funds to support a business in Denmark
  • The applicant's presence and active participation in the operations of the business
These are the major categories that determine the stay of individuals for work basis in Denmark.
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