Work in New Zealand

As discussed previously, New Zealand has been recognized as the best place across the globe for investment purposes. The investment is usually directed towards small business concerns. Individuals from across the world invest in the small businesses in New Zealand to be part of the development and growth of the economy of the country. An individual can also move to the country for employment purposes. There are different categories implemented by the government for foreign nationals to invest and seek employment in the country.
The category can be discussed under two parameters:

  • Temporary Work Visa: 
  • A temporary work visa is for individuals who fulfill the following criterions
    • Hold a valid and authentic offer letter from an employer in New Zealand
    • Proves the specific intention of moving to New Zealand
    • Wishes to attain work experience in New Zealand
    • Wishes to obtain work experience in New Zealand after having completed a course in New Zealand
    • Wishes to invest or partner in a business in New Zealand
There is a special category of visa called the Silver Fern Category under which young, qualified, and highly skilled individuals can move to New Zealand for long term skilled employment.Another category introduced by the government for migration is the Specific Purpose Work Visa wherein an individual employed as a tour guide; leader or escort can attain entry into the country for a specified period for a specific reason.
Tour Guides of Chinese origin can apply for the category referred to as the China Special Work Category for attaining an entry in the country.Registered Nurses, farm managers or engineering professionals of Philippines origin can apply under the category of Philippines Special Work Category for acquiring a work permit to New ZealandVietnamese Chefs and engineering professionals can obtain a work permit under the Vietnam Special Category,Indonesian Chefs, Halal slaughterers or Bahasa Teachers Aides can apply for the Indonesia Special Work Category

Working Holiday Visa:
New Zealand is a preferred destination amongst most young travelers. This is mainly because of the fact that the country is extremely safe and beautiful to explore. New Zealanders are extremely friendly and welcoming. They welcome people from all nationalities. To apply for a working holiday visa, an individual has to fulfill certain criterions:
  • Should be in the age bracket of 18-30 preferably, the government allows sanctioning of this visa category to individuals of specific nationalities in the age group of 18-35
  • The duration of the visa might extend from a period of 12 to 23 months
  • An individual needs to produce a return ticket or sufficient funds for the same
  • The main purpose of the visit should be for travel whereas the secondary purpose is that of work
Investor Visa:
Under the investor visa category one can avail the following visas
  • Investor Visa
  • Business Visa
  • Acceptable Investment for Visas
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