Work In UAE

United Arab Emirates offers people with endless opportunities to work in the country and be a part of the success and development. With excellent employment opportunities and continuous growth in a career graph, more and more skilled and semi skilled professionals are flying to the UAE every year to be part of success. The nation remunerates its employees rather generously and caters to their needs. The UAE has developed largely owing to the international work force dwelling in the country. The nation has developed from a barren and desert land to a developed nation with world class technologies and amenities. Skilled and semi skilled workforce from the rest of the world has enabled the nation to grow at a rapid rate and meet the international standards.
The nation permits individuals and organizations to sponsor people from across the world to serve in the nation. The Government has listed various visa categories backed by various requirements to obtain a visa valid for working in the country.

Work Permit:
A work permit is issued to those skilled and semi skilled professionals who wish to work in the UAE. Initially the work visa granted in valid for a period of 60 days. It is during this time span that the individual has to apply for a work residence visa. There is a fine that an individual has to bear if he fails to obtain a work residence visa over and above the stated time. The Labor Office has issued various classes under which individuals can obtain employment in the UAE:

  • Domestic Help
  • Partners
  • Investors
  • Individuals serving in Governmental Institutes
To obtain an entry in the UAE, an individual should have a relative staying in UAE or should have a sponsor, ready to sponsor the individual for admittance in the country. Country of origin is a major factor that helps determine the category of visa being filed for. The visa is valid for duration of the stay in the country. There are certain provisions for different individuals to apply for admittance in the country:
  • Citizens of the Arab Gulf Countries Council who are not associated with the Gulf Cooperative Council but are employed under good occupational standings, or wish to make good investments in the country are allowed to work in the UAE. Family members can also apply for a stay in the country. Doctors, Auditors, Accountants, Engineers, and public sector employees are allowed to enter the nation for a period of thirty days.
  • The UAE has also made provisions for allowing citizens of various countries to make a single entry in the country. The Government has made special provisions for nationals of United Kingdom, the European Union countries of America, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan to enter the country without the requirement of a sponsor. Those nationalities not listed by the Government have to acquire a sponsorship
  • Professionals from the Hotel and Tourists Industry can apply for a 30 day Tourist Visa or a 14 day Service or a 30 days visa, which can be later on extended for another 30 days.
  • Airlines can obtain a 4 days transit visa
Employment Visa:
The visa is granted for a period of 30 days. The employment terms and conditions determine the living and working conditions of the sponsored. The employee is not permitted by the Government to leave the country without the approval of the employer. It is mandatory for the employee to obtain a residence visa and obtain a Health Card issued by the Government. A residence visa is valid for a period of three years. If an individual wishes to be accompanied by his family members he is free to do so provided the employer approves of the same.